What if you could feel joy again and be successful in business just by being you? The true you. ALL OF YOU.

Unmasked. Fully Expressed. Raw & Unfiltered.

Are you at a point where you're second-guessing your path and your purpose?

You know you're meant for more and you spend many days questioning how you ended up where you are and wondering how to change?

Most days you feel frustrated and fed-up! You wonder why things aren't going the way you planned. You long to live a life of meaning but you're unhappy in your career or you're floundering in your business. You have this nagging feeling that you're not on the right path. Your self-doubt and uncertainty is working overtime!

This happens to so many visionary, impact-driven women who long to make a difference in the world. They follow the path that they think they should be following instead of following the path that is meant for them.

Especially if it's something that's not common! Being different feels too scary. What if people judge you? What if your idea doesn't work because it's never been done before?Someone has to be the first. Why not you?

There are countless examples of innovators who have gone first.


  • Hiding parts of you to fit in

  •  Pushing to prove yourself and show people you're good enough • 

  • Saying yes when you really want to say no

  •  Saying no when you really want to say yes

  • Struggling to find the words to communicate your needs

  •  Feeling undeserving to receive gifts and compliments

You often don't say what you want to say.

You sit silently when inside you feel desperate to say what you want to say, but the words just won't come out.

You're too worried about what people might think of you.

These are just a few symptoms of the fear of rejection and the fear of failure.

If any of these statements felt true for you, fear is is at the root of the challenges you're experiencing.

Your fears and self-doubt have disconnected you from the true you.

They've disconnected you from your inner-peace and what brings you joy.

They disconnected you from your true purpose and what you're meant to do in the world.

I wouldn't have a book to publish if it wasn't for

your coaching. Thank you Dyanne!"


How I can help you

1:1 Mentoring

Get to the heart of what's holding you back and get a personalized plan to get on the path to living in alignment with your values and purpose.

Women's Circles

A sacred space to heal, learn, and grow with other visionary women on a mission to make a difference in the world.


Courses to support you in detoxing fear and doubt, getting back to the true you, and building a brand that helps you live your purpose.

Thank you for your work. It's changing my life. I have my first proper client signed up and another power session booked! I wouldn't have got there if it wasn't for you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


Results You Can Count On

The work that we do together is the foundational work. It creates success in all areas of your life, from health, wealth, relationships, and with yourself. This work significantly reduces fear and self-doubt and increases your courage, confidence, and certainty of your path.

I've worked with hundreds of women in business and here are few of the common results they've expereinced:

  • More clarity of purpose

  • Better boundaries and less work

  • Clarity on brand identity and messaging

  • Getting the first client

  • Earning consistent money online

  • Working with the right-fit clients

  • Eliminating the fear of being on camera

  • Writing the first book

  • Booking the first speaking gig

  • Better sleep

  • Improved relationships

  • Making faster, more confident decisions

  • More confidence, Less negative self-talk

  • More joy, creativity, flow, and ease


Schedule a session so we can identify the best path back to joy for you!

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